A Framework for Integrating Information Ethics (IE) in the Curricula for Africa


  • Stephen M Mutula




The debate about embedding information ethics (IE) in the curriculum in Africa is gaining momentum as scholars from developed and developing world engage on the subject. Some research publications are starting to emerge on information ethics in Africa but so far they have been confined to addressing the extent to which information ethics is necessary, who should offer information ethics and why, who should be taught and at what levels, the duration of offering the course/program and the content that should be included in the curriculum. Little attention has been placed on the theoretical framework that should underpin IE curriculum for Africa as well as the sources of IE content for the curriculum. This paper therefore addresses the following issues: rationale for integrating information ethics in the curricula in Africa; theoretical and institutional framework for IE curriculum; potential sources of content for information ethics curricula, challenges of integrating information ethics into the curricula in Africa and prospects for integrating IE into the curricula in Africa.




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Mutula, Stephen M. 2010. “A Framework for Integrating Information Ethics (IE) in the Curricula for Africa”. The International Review of Information Ethics 14 (December). Edmonton, Canada:29-38. https://doi.org/10.29173/irie360.