Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to IRIE are evaluated in the "double-blind" mode - which ensures mutual anonymity between authors and reviewers - by at least two reviewers with a Ph.D. degree. Case studies submitted to IRIE are evaluated by two anonymous reviewers with a Ph.D. degree.

In the case of manuscripts previously deposited as preprints by the authors, in agreement with IRIE's Open Access and Self-Archiving Policy, the evaluation will follow the "single-blind" mode without guaranteeing the anonymity of the manuscript's authors to the reviewers.

If the opinions of these reviewers differ, the article may be submitted for evaluation by a third reviewer.

Based on the reviewers' recommendations, the journal will issue one of the following opinions:

  • Recommended for publication
  • Recommended for publication with modifications
  • Not recommended for publication.

When the Editorial Committee indicates modifications only to grammatical, spelling, or formatting aspects, it reserves the right to make them, respecting the author's style. In other cases, it will be up to the author to reformulate the text according to the Editorial Committee's indications.