Call for Proposals: Case Studies in Artificial Intelligence

Case Studies in AI

Call for Proposals


AI (artificial intelligence) ethics is a rapidly moving field. Researchers are still grappling with the speed at which new developments are raising pressing questions for ethical, legal, and technical experts. At present, resources on case studies on AI ethics for research and teaching alike are limited. We seek to address a pressing need for a collection of case studies accessible to the many disciplines engaged in research on AI, drawing together a diverse collection of examples and expert analyses from across the spectrum of AI research.

We invite proposals for case studies in AI ethics to be included in an edited, peer-reviewed collection of case studies. Case studies will include a description of a real or fictional case, questions and exercises for students, and an expert analysis of the case, developing a unique position offering special insight into its ethical, legal, or technical aspects. Case studies should not focus on or embarrass a particular company or individual unless the details are in the public domain; they should focus on the ethical issues in a way that promotes ethical understanding.

Possible questions for consideration through cases and case analyses include, but are not limited to: Can algorithms be unbiased and how can this be achieved? What principles or normative theories are best for dealing with issues in AI ethics? How can concerns of explicability be balanced with concerns of intellectual property and competitive advantage? How can concerns of privacy be balanced against concerns of public benefit? How can profit-motivated stakeholders be incentivized to engage with ethical values? How can high-level ethical principles be applied to a diverse array of particular innovation settings, specifically in connection to local policies and guidelines?

We strongly encourage submissions from ethics practitioners, experienced entrepreneurs, consultants, and researchers relevant to all areas related to AI, including computer science, computer engineering, cognitive science, philosophy, and related disciplines. We especially encourage submissions from women and other historically underrepresented groups.

If you are an entrepreneur or consultant and have an idea for case study but don’t have the time or background to flesh it out, please consider contacting us anyway. In certain cases, we envision matching authors who could complement each other.

Deadline for submission: August 18, 2023


Submission Guidelines: Proposals should not exceed 500 words. They should be modeled on the attached case study examples and annotated templates which include both ethically and technically focused case study models. Proposals should be prepared for anonymous review and sent as a PDF file to In a separate PDF attachment, please include your name, academic affiliation, e-mail address, proposal title. For more information, please contact us at