Call for Papers - IRIE Volume 30

The ecology of literacy diversity in the new regimes of information

Edited by Arthur Coelho Bezerra (IBICT), Gustavo Silva Saldanha (IBICT - UNIRIO) and Miguel Ángel Pérez Álvarez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Unprecedented practices of web data scraping, data mining, algorithm filtering, lexical and psychometric analysis of information emerge in what can be considered a "new regime of information". In this new ecosystem, the multiple forms of misinformation and disinformation developed in digital networks underscore the importance not only of technical skills, but also of critical capabilities of individuals for evaluation and ethical use of information.

A 2018 British Parliament report argues that "digital literacy" should be a fourth pillar of education, alongside reading, writing and maths; another report, published by the European Commission in 2017, highlights the importance of "media and information literacy" (a term also used in UNESCO and IFLA documents) in combating the disinformation phenomena. In addition to these two terms, there are a number of other literacies, developed at the interfaces between information science, pedagogy, communication and computer science, which may help the education of individuals in information technological mediation environments.

Given this ecology of literacy diversity, we invite submissions related (but not limited) to the following issues:

  • Information literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, data literacy and critical literacies
  • Machine learning, deep learning and algorithm mediation of information
  • Visual learning and visual literacy
  • Misinformation, disinformation and secrecy
  • Data journalism and data research
  • Digital inequality and digital inclusion
  • Information use and user studies
  • Reading and reader training
  • Educational and pedagogical initiatives for school environment organization for ethics of information skills development
  • Educational and pedagogical experiences using technology as metacognitive skills development mediator
  • Ethics of information as basic education curriculum component
  • Moral criteria (ethics) development as basic skill in educational system

Due date for submissions: 30 November 2020

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