In A Different Code: Artificial Intelligence and The Ethics of Care


  • Jonathan Cohn University of Alberta



Artificial Intelligence, Care, Empathy, Ethics, Relationship, Technology


The following essay explores the intersection of care with ethical reflections on artificial intelligence (AI). The current debate around AI ethics focuses on questions of moral AI judgment and the general criteria for maximizing the fairness, accountability, and transparency of these judgments. While this discussion is important, it all too often obfuscates the actual purpose and intention behind the use of the algorithmic or AI technology. Where the rationale for developing these technologies focuses on increasing optimization and innovation, concern must be shifted to ensure that AI will be used primarily to address current inequities and harms, from exacerbating climate change to manipulating voters via social media to creating “better” weapons.




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Cohn, Jonathan. 2020. “In A Different Code: Artificial Intelligence and The Ethics of Care”. The International Review of Information Ethics 28 (June). Edmonton, Canada.