Student Centeredness as Innovation

The Creation of an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant by and for Students


  • Donald Ipperciel



Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Student Centeredness, Virtual Assistant, Design


This article explores how a focus on ‘student centeredness’ can lead to ‘innovation’ and how innovation can enhance student centeredness. Putting students at the centre of all considerations can unleash their creative and innovative potential. And recent innovations have made it easier to make students the focal point of service delivery. After a description of what we understand under these two guiding concepts, a case study is presented in which an AI-powered Student Virtual Assistant was developed at York University in Toronto, Canada. All steps of the product creation, including envisioning, designing, prototyping, and evaluating are described, as well as the following steps involving maintenance and expansion.




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Ipperciel, Donald. 2020. “Student Centeredness As Innovation: The Creation of an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant by and for Students”. The International Review of Information Ethics 28 (June). Edmonton, Canada.