AI and Ethics: Shedding Light on the Black Box


  • Katrina Ingram University of Alberta



Artificial Intelligence, Data, Data Privacy, Ethical Codes, Ethics, Transparency


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly prevalent role in our lives. Whether its landing a job interview, getting a bank loan or accessing a government program, organizations are using automated systems informed by AI enabled technologies in ways that have significant consequences for people. At the same time, there is a lack of transparency around how AI technologies work and whether they are ethical, fair or accurate. This paper examines a body of literature related to the ethical considerations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence and the role of ethical codes. It identifies and explores core issues including bias, fairness and transparency and looks at who is setting the agenda for AI ethics in Canada and globally. Lastly, it offers some suggestions for next steps towards a more inclusive discussion.




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Ingram, Katrina. 2020. “AI and Ethics: Shedding Light on the Black Box”. The International Review of Information Ethics 28 (June). Edmonton, Canada.