Do online privacy policies and seals affect corporate trustworthiness and reputation?


  • Yohko Orito
  • Kiyoshi Murata
  • Yasunori Fukuta



In this study, we attempt to examine the effectiveness of online privacy policies and privacy seals/security icons on corporate trustworthiness and reputation management, and to clarify how young Japanese people evaluate the trustworthiness of B to C e-business sites in terms of personal information handling. The survey results indicate that posting online privacy policies and/or privacy seals/security icons by B to C e-businesses does not work for creating trust in business organisations by consumers actively. Instead, existing good name recognition and/or general reputation can engender trust and, increasingly, better their reputation in terms of personal information use and protection.




How to Cite

Orito, Yohko, Kiyoshi Murata, and Yasunori Fukuta. 2013. “Do Online Privacy Policies and Seals Affect Corporate Trustworthiness and Reputation?”. The International Review of Information Ethics 19 (July). Edmonton, Canada:52-65.