The Quest for a Clean Slate Building and Protecting Reputation in the Cyberworld


  • Daniel Nagel



ICT technology has multiplied the possibilities for presenting who one is in the Cyberworld. The means for creating, maintaining but also of losing a good reputation have increased exponentially with an international audience now just a click away. However, these means can also be employed for abusive or, at least, purposes for which they were not intended, with undesired revelations, cyber-bullying and the creation of fake identities potentially ending in cyber-homicide. The Quest for a Clean Slate thus comprises multiple obstacles at various levels much like an adventure video game; no sooner are the obstacles, opponents and traps defeated or overcome and the level accomplished, than the next level begins presenting a whole host of new challenges and threats. The reputation warrior, equipped with a sword entitled "freedom to self-determination" and a humble shield entitled "legal redress", is thus thrown into the ever expanding and changing landscape of swamps and wilderness that is the Cyberworld. This paper attempts to present a sneak preview into the various levels of the Quest for a Clean Slate, the online reputation game, depicting its challenges, pitfalls and the possible means for overcoming these latter.




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Nagel, Daniel. 2013. “The Quest for a Clean Slate Building and Protecting Reputation in the Cyberworld”. The International Review of Information Ethics 19 (July). Edmonton, Canada:22-31.