Trivium, arqui-segredos e pós-verdades


  • Gustavo Silva Saldanha



The mode of making silence (the production of secrecy), as well as its distorted visibility (the production of post-truths) represents a set of informational practices of the historical forms of governing that come from the arcana misterii, or secrets of state. These secrets will be the basis for the development of discursive projections, which are consolidated by proliferation, defining, according to a critical interpretation of the linguistic-Marxian background, the daily post-truths in the big data era. This article puts into dialogue the relations between language, secret and post-truth in the contemporary scene. To this end, the reflection indicates the role of a certain cybernetic sophistics, founded on the confluence and application of the "liberal arts" of the trivium (rhetoric, logic and grammar), as the methodology for the construction of a Metainformational State, combining, from language, the relation between domination and defense from the elements of arch-secrets and post-truths.




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Saldanha, Gustavo Silva. 2017. “Trivium, Arqui-Segredos E pós-Verdades”. The International Review of Information Ethics 26 (December). Edmonton, Canada.