Information ethics and information literacy: A material-historical study between capital and class struggle in the Marxian perspective


  • Carla Viola



The present article analyzes ethics in Karl Marx perspectives, going through information ethics and information literacy that permeate individuation and class struggle in capitalist society. The objective is to approach critical reflection about dominated and dominant class’s ethics values proclaimed by author. In order to provide the desired research, I did literature review and digital documents consultation about the themes. Through this work, it is possible to identify that the author’s description of reality through historical materialism sought the dissemination of ethics through the ascertainment that individuals generate their stories, but these are not linked to their wills but directly linked to class formation and struggle as factors determining the circumstances under which the reality of society is constituted. It implies the search for mastery of language codes and information literacy to know, seize and disseminate information ethics aiming at the effective strategies elaboration to combat the ruling class hegemony.




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Viola, Carla. 2017. “Information Ethics and Information Literacy: A Material-Historical Study Between Capital and Class Struggle in the Marxian Perspective”. The International Review of Information Ethics 26 (December). Edmonton, Canada.