The ‘Faith’ factor in the Internet World


  • T V Gopal



The author opines that the most creative use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in development may not entail computers, e-mail, or Internet access, but rather the use of other computer- based technologies, including embedded chips, satellite based information and so on to better meet local needs. The solutions must be affordable. Some of the major challenges in developing local solutions based on ICT are Bridging the Digital Divide, Trustworthiness, Protecting Intellectual Property, Information Assurance, Privacy, Hacking , Viruses and Worms. The solutions for these challenges are ‘People-Centric’ and are thus influenced by the “personal” and “professional” ethics of individuals. All the challenges cited above lead to many ethical issues. Internet being a global phenomenon the ethical issues need to be examined in Intercultural perspective. The author suggests that ‘faith’ of people is the key in meeting the challenges in developing local solutions.




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Gopal, T V. 2004. “The ‘Faith’ Factor in the Internet World”. The International Review of Information Ethics 2 (November). Edmonton, Canada.