“Social Information Science” – as a concept for assimilating Smart Internet Usage in a Multi-Cultural Society : The Case of Israel


  • Shifra Baruchson-Arbib




The present paper discusses Social Information Science, an innovative field of study, which can enhance assimilation of smart internet usage in multi-cultural countries such as Israel. Social Information Science (S.I.) deals with the development ,theory and applications relating to the retrieval and processing of social and medical information, training “social information scientists,” as well as the development of SI mediation services such as SI banks, SI sections in schools ,public libraries, hospitals, community centers, and private services. Together, these concerted efforts aim to establish a modern information-oriented climate in which stressful social and medical issues are handled through the retrieval and use of reliable information as the basis for knowledgeable decision making. Mediation services demonstrate the potential and risks involved in internet usage, as well as the importance of information-based decisions. Social Information Science will help train people to conduct their daily life decisions on the basis of information selection and self-responsibility- which is a step forward in the evolvement and empowerment the individual.




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Baruchson-Arbib, Shifra. 2004. “‘Social Information Science’ – As a Concept for Assimilating Smart”. The International Review of Information Ethics 2 (November). Edmonton, Canada:9. https://doi.org/10.29173/irie244.