Herramientas para el análisis y monitoreo en Redes Sociales


  • Juan José Prieto Gutiérrez




Networks or partnerships are used by humans since the beginning of humanity and its analysis raises concerns from many different sectors of society. In the era of the network of networks, Internet, networks are generated by virtual connections of the agents. Social Network Analysis (SNA) studies the relationship relation to each other, the social structure. It is an area that is emerging as essential in decision-making processes for its ability to analyze and intervene in the behaviour of structures. We analyze three NSA tools that monitor conversations on the Organization "IFLA" keyword in order to measure the feeling of them, managing social efforts to relate the flows between the entities, groups, etc.




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Gutiérrez, Juan José Prieto. 2011. “Herramientas Para El análisis Y Monitoreo En Redes Sociales”. The International Review of Information Ethics 16 (December). Edmonton, Canada:33-40. https://doi.org/10.29173/irie200.