Ethical Aspects of Managing a Social Network Site: a Disclosive Analysis


  • Daniel Skog



Managing an online social network site is not an easy task. First, the software environment must be designed with tools that promote social interaction. Second, the social environment most be nurtured and protected with thoughtful and balanced rules that allow for freedom within limits. This paper reports from an ethnographic study of a Swedish social network site, and focuses on how the site managers try to deal with undesirable use patterns and behaviors among members, at the same time struggling with the unexpected social outcome of a software redesign. Adopting a disclosive ethics approach, the paper highlights some of the ethical challenges embedded in the process of managing the site, and discusses their implications.




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Skog, Daniel. 2011. “Ethical Aspects of Managing a Social Network Site: A Disclosive Analysis”. The International Review of Information Ethics 16 (December). Edmonton, Canada:27-32.