Ethische Aspekte von Gehirn-Computer-Schnittstellen in motorischen Neuroprothesen


  • Jens Clausen



Title: Ethical Aspects of Brain-Computer Interfacing in Neuronal Motor Prostheses Brain-Computer interfacing is a highly promising and fast developing field of modern life sciences. Recent advances in neuroscience together with progressing miniaturization in micro systems provide insights in structure and functioning of the human brain and enable connections of technical components to neuronal structures as well. This possibly offers a future therapy for paralysed patients through neuronal motor prostheses. This paper identifies central ethical aspects which have to be considered in further progressing research in this scientific field and the development of neuronal motor prostheses.




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Clausen, Jens. 2009. “Ethische Aspekte Von Gehirn-Computer-Schnittstellen in Motorischen Neuroprothesen”. The International Review of Information Ethics 5 (September). Edmonton, Canada:25-32.