Introduction: Ethics of Information Technology in Health Care


  • Georg Marckmann
  • Kenneth W Goodman



Computer-based information and communication technologies continue to transform the delivery of health care and the conception and scientific understanding of the human body and the diseases that afflict it. While information technology has the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, it also raises important ethical and social issues. This IRIE theme issue seeks to provide a forum to identify, analyse and discuss the ethical and social issues raised by various applications of information and communication technology in medicine and health care. The contributions give a flavour of the extraordinarily broad landscape shaped by the intersection of medicine, computing and ethics. In fact, their diversity suggests that much more work is needed to clarify issues and approaches, and to provide practical tools for clinicians.




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Marckmann, Georg, and Kenneth W Goodman. 2006. “Introduction: Ethics of Information Technology in Health Care”. The International Review of Information Ethics 5 (September). Edmonton, Canada:2-5.