Introduction: The Ethics of E-Games


  • Elizabeth A. Buchanan
  • Charles Ess



E-games are a dramatically expanding dimension of contemporary exploitations of computing and computer network technologies - one that, thus far, has evoked much more heat (often, in the form of "moral panics") among parents and politicians than light in the form of serious scholarly and philosophical analysis. We argue that e-games deserve such analysis in part because of their intrinsic philosophical interest as they raise primary philosophical questions of ontology, epistemology, human nature, the character of gameplay," - and most especially, of ethics. We further suggest that such analyses - exemplified by the articles collected here - may also contribute to resolving the larger social and political debates evoked by e-games.




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Buchanan, Elizabeth A., and Charles Ess. 2005. “Introduction: The Ethics of E-Games”. The International Review of Information Ethics 4 (December). Edmonton, Canada:2-6.