Cyber War: Will it define the Limits to IT Security?


  • Ingo Ruhman



Cyber warfare exploits the weaknesses in safety and security of IT systems and infrastructures for political and military purposes. Today, not only have various units in the military and secret services become known to engage in attacks on adversary’s IT systems, but even a number of cyber attacks conducted by these units have been identified. Most cyber warfare doctrines aim at a very broad range of potential adversaries, including civilians and allies, thus justifying the involvement of cyber warfare units in various IT security scenarios of non-military origin. Equating IT security with cyber warfare has serious consequences for the civil information society.




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Ruhman, Ingo. 2013. “Cyber War: Will It Define the Limits to IT Security?”. The International Review of Information Ethics 20 (December). Edmonton, Canada:4-15.