On Designing Machines and Technologies in the 21st Century. An Interdisciplinary Dialogue.


  • Dirk Söffker
  • Jutta Weber




Is an autonomous robot, designed to communicate and take decisions in a human way, still a machine? On which concepts, ideas and values is the design of such machines to be based? How do they relate back to our everyday life? And finally, in how far are social demands the guideline for the development of such innovative technologies. Using the form of a dialogue theoretical, ethical and socio-political questions concerning the design of interactive machines are discussed especially with regards to the accelerated mechanization of our professional and private life. Developed out of an Email dialogue and further elaborated the discourse spanning from engineering to research in the field of science and technology deals with the question, if the men-machine relationship changes.




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Söffker, Dirk, and Jutta Weber. 2006. “ An Interdisciplinary Dialogue”. The International Review of Information Ethics 6 (December). Edmonton, Canada:91-108. https://doi.org/10.29173/irie145.