Social robots – emotional agents: Some remarks on naturalizing man-machine interaction


  • Barbara Becker



The construction of embodied conversational agents – robots as well as avatars – seem to be a new challenge in the field of both cognitive AI and human-computer-interface development. On the one hand, one aims at gaining new insights in the development of cognition and communication by constructing intelligent, physical instantiated artefacts. On the other hand people are driven by the idea, that humanlike mechanical dialog-partners will have a positive effect on human-machine-communication. In this contribution I put for discussion whether the visions of scientist in this field are plausible and which problems might arise by the realization of such projects.




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Becker, Barbara. 2006. “Social Robots – Emotional Agents: Some Remarks on Naturalizing Man-Machine Interaction”. The International Review of Information Ethics 6 (December). Edmonton, Canada:37-45.