Ethische Überlegungen zu Smart Home


  • Bernhard Stengel



“Smart Home” is used as a buzzword to term a wide scope of home automation. In this paper the focus is on systems connected to the internet, being primarily operated by mobile ICT devices. When viewing systems already available, those being available in Germany take centre stage. In a general point of view the new human interface to devices is compared to that of old-fashioned devices. Regarding social togetherness, the topics of multi user mode and monitoring of homes are discussed. It is not sure that all persons living in the home get fair access to the new technology. Furthermore, when persons being present at different locations are able to operate the same device, there is the task to synchronize the actions. The main focus of monitoring is on suspect strangers approaching from outside, but it also could be applied inside in a questionable manner. Control of home infrastructure by algorithms raises questions of paternalism.




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Stengel, Bernhard. 2014. “Ethische Überlegungen Zu Smart Home”. The International Review of Information Ethics 22 (December). Edmonton, Canada:92-100.