Interview with Isabelle Moeller: Ubiquitous and Positive Biometrics


  • Juliet Lodge
  • Dan Nagel



In this interview with Isabelle Moeller questions surrounding the responsible use and development of biometric apps are explored. The use of biometrics - originally to digitally represent and authenticate an identifiable characteristic of a product or a person - have become so wide spread that they are capable of facilitating ever greater continuous surveillance of the what, how, when and where of life. The more biometrical data of a user is collected, the more the integrity of the underlying e-identity is open to fraud and being invisibly compromised. Ethical reflection is long overdue but a prerequisite of minimizing risk to the autonomy of the human person as well as to the integrity of his digital persona.




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Lodge, Juliet, and Dan Nagel. 2018. “Interview With Isabelle Moeller: Ubiquitous and Positive Biometrics”. The International Review of Information Ethics 27 (December). Edmonton, Canada.