Informational Existentialism! Will Information Ethics Shape Our Cultures?


  • Gonçalo Jorge Morais Costa
  • Nuno Sotero Alves Silva


The evolution of philosophy and physics seem to acknowledge that ?informational existentialism? will be possible. Therefore, this contribution aims to comprehend if Heidegger existentialism can enrich the bound between information theory and the intercultural dialogue as regards to information. Even so, an important query arises: why specifically Heidegger‘s philosophy? Because it highlights an intercultural dialogue namely with East Asian and with Arabic philosophy, which is also consistent with the debate concerning the potential value and contribution of information theory to the intercultural dialogue. Therefore, this manuscript intends to understand if information is shaping worldwide cultures as a consequence of its existence.




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Costa, Gonçalo Jorge Morais, and Nuno Sotero Alves Silva. 2010. “Informational Existentialism! Will Information Ethics Shape Our Cultures?”. The International Review of Information Ethics 13 (October). Edmonton, Canada:34-41.