Manifestations and implications of an augmented urban life


  • Rodrigo Firmino
  • Fabio Duarte


In this paper we investigate how the shift to a completely urban global world intertwined by ubiquitous and mobile ICTs changes the ontological meaning of space, and how the use of these technologies challenges the social and political construction of territories and the cultural appropriation of places. Our approach to this conceptual debate will focus on what we consider to be more direct and tangible implications of this augmentation of urban life. Three types of manifestations will represent the core of the discussions presented here, both through theoretical approaches and analytical descriptions of some examples: surveillance artefacts which permeate our daily life and allow a hypothetical total control of space; locative media that gives us the freedom of spatial mobility and the possibility of creating and recreating places; and the global networks of signs, values and ideologies, which break down the social and political boundaries of territories.




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Firmino, Rodrigo, and Fabio Duarte. 2010. “Manifestations and Implications of an Augmented Urban Life”. The International Review of Information Ethics 12 (March). Edmonton, Canada:27-34.