Call for Papers for The International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE) Volume 29 AI, Ethics and Society – Part 2

Following the success of IRIE Vol. 28: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society, the editors of IRIE are proud to release a call for Vol. 29: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society - Part 2, which will once again bring together a set of papers based on the themes that were presented at the AI, Ethics & Society conference in May 2019 and CSDH-SCHN in 2020. The AI, Ethics & Society conference was hosted by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS), host of IRIE. In addition to these presentations, IRIE welcomes other submissions dealing with the theme.

Themes can range from ethical best practices for industry and government developing responsible AI services to aligning cultural and societal values in AI design, the role of researchers from social sciences and humanities disciplines in ethical innovation in the AI sector, and methods for interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration between interested in responsible AI. It looks at how nations, universities and organisations can contribute to building a healthy AI sector through policy, research and innovation.

IRIE has pioneered ethics in technology and information studies for almost two decades. Leading on topics ranging from gaming to artificial intelligence, IRIE has ventured some of the most thought-provoking conversations of the digital age. As we learn to deal with Covid-19, our global information societies are set to face several new information and technology challenges, where leadership in information ethics will become more critical than ever. IRIE promises to carry forward the academic tradition of addressing the ethics of new challenges started by Dr. Rafael Capurro, founder of IRIE.

The IRIE Managing Editors team reflects a balance of expertise that both carries forward the original vision of the journal and its founders while also aligning to the academic vision of KIAS and benefiting from the University of Alberta Open Journal System. As such, the IRIE team members working on this volume include: Jared Bielby (Editor-in-Chief), Rachel Fischer (Deputy Editor), Mihaela Ilovan (Project Manager and Librarian), and Geoffrey Rockwell, Professor of Philosophy and Digital Humanities, joins IRIE as Assistant Editor.

The submission deadline for articles for Vol. 29: Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society - Part 2, is the 30th of September 2020. The edition is slated for a quick publication at the beginning of December 2020.

We invite you to read the journal on the official website of the International Review of Information Ethics. Submissions can be made to:

IRIE Editors,

Jared Bielby (Editor-in-Chief),
Rachel Fischer (Deputy Editor),
Mihaela Ilovan (Production Editor),
Geoffrey Rockwell (Assistant Editor)